There are many reasons why someone might choose to buy a nautical bracelet. Overall, a nautical bracelet can serve as a fashionable and functional accessory that symbolises someone's connection to the sea and the coastal lifestyle.
Fashion: Nautical bracelets are designed with nautical-themed charm or rope accents, making them a popular accessory for beach-goers or those who enjoy coastal-inspired fashion.
Symbolism: For many people, nautical bracelets symbolize their love of the ocean, sailing, or boating. It can also represent their connection to a particular place - in our case the love for Split and for Croatia in general.
Durability: The Break Time nautical bracelets are made with practical, durable materials such as rope or paracord and are designed to be worn in the water, making them suitable for sailors, surfers, and other water sports enthusiasts.
• Supporting local artisans: all Break Time jewelry is handmade by our artisan Leonard, in our split atelier, and it is a unique and personal alternative to mass-produced jewelry that is often found in department stores and jewelry chains.
Gift: The Break Time nautical bracelets can also make a thoughtful and unique gift for someone who loves the ocean, has a connection to a coastal community, or enjoys coastal-inspired accessories.
• Personalisation: Most of the Break Time nautical bracelets can be engraved, and engraving is a popular choice for customizing a bracelet because it adds a personal touch to the piece of jewelry and makes it truly unique.
February 15, 2023