The Sailor Collection - now available with rose gold, yellow gold and black mini boats! | Break Time

Following the success of our original silver colour version of the Sailor by Break Time mini boat wrap bracelets / anklets, we are now introducing the rose gold and yellow gold options for the stainless steel mini boats, as well as a signature all black version.

The Sailor by Break Time collection features a copyright protected stainless steel boat, whose design was imagined by our brand owner, Leonard Copoiu.

You can already find the new variants in the online shop, and they will also be available in our Croatian shops:

Trogirska 8 and Zadarska 1, Split - starting June 29th, 2019

Ilica 14, Zagreb - starting July 1st, 2019

Antuninska 5, Dubrovnik - starting July 3rd, 2019

Via Arsenale 10, Rovinj - starting July 5th, 2019