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Handwritten Engraving Now Available

Handwritten Engraving Now Available

We are happy to announce a new personalized engraving option for our nautical bracelets! 

For those of you searching for the perfect unique gift that is also very personal, we have a beautiful new customization!

You can now engrave a handwritten message on any of our shackle bracelets and magnetic bracelets, as well as on the 4cm anchor bracelets and the 3cm anchor bracelets. And yes, this engraving type is also FREE for the time being (but not forever).

You can use a thick black marker to write or draw the message you want to engrave, and then take a photo or scan the page with the text/drawing and upload it on the product page of the bracelet you choose.

For the anchor bracelet, the text should be in just one row (or the drawing shaped like a thin rectangle, so that it is visible enough on the anchor body.

Here is a video below to show you how. And we cannot wait to see what your creativity and imagination will come up with!