Make your new Break Time nautical bracelet really unique. Choose a custom engraving of a motto such as "Carpe Diem", a date (wedding date, birthdate of a child, first kiss etc), the name or initials of the most important people in your life, or anything else that might matter to you. For special designs or engravings longer than the maximum number of characters allowed on the product page engraving option, email us first and we will do our best to make it happen. 

IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure you choose the correct size for the shackle bracelets (check the Size Guide page and follow the instructions!) when you order a custom engraved bracelet, because they are non returnable and non refundable.

You have the option to return the wrong size engraved bracelet and replace the rope for a new smaller or bigger size, for a fee - click here for the Rope Replacement option.

NEW!!! - Seaman Collection

You can now engrave up to 5 characters (letters, emojis such as heart sign, anchor sign, infinity sign etc) on the lateral side of the decorative compass on the adjust bar of the Seaman nautical bracelets for men. The price for this engraving is 10 euros. See the examples below:

Seaman nautical bracelets for men customized engraving

Yacht Club Collection

You can engrave up to 15 characters on the body of the mini, medium or big anchor (the price is 10 euros). Be aware that the engraving is more visible on the 4cm and 3cm anchors, and very tiny on the 2cm anchors. Check out the example below for the 3 and 4cm anchors:

anchor bracelets handmade croatia sidro narukvice graviranje poklon personalized

Recycled, Waves, Captain, Adriatica & Trogir Collections

You can choose to engrave a short message (up to 15 characters, including emoji like heart, anchor etc.) on the top side of the stainless steel adjust bar of the Adriatica, Trogir, Recycled, Waves and Captain nautical bracelets.

The additional cost for this option is 10 Euros for and you can see some samples in the photos below:

nautical bracelets for men women kids engraving personalization custom

Sailor Collection

You can engrave up to 5 characters on the bottom of the boat. This option is 7 euros. Please be aware that since the stainless steel boat is only 2cm long, the engraving will also be tiny. Also, the engraving on the black boats is less visible than on the silver, rose gold or yellow gold boats.

 sailor boat sailing wrap bracelets stainless steel custom engraved nauticke narukvice graviranje

Logo / Special Engraving

We can also engrave your company logo (see the Coca Cola example below), your yacht name with special characters, a special design etc. (the price is 15 euros) on the desired bracelet page and for that you can email us at contact[at] with your specific request before placing the order, and attach the logo or the special text/design in png or jpg format.

custom engraved company logo jewelry marine armbands bracelets

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the file you send to us has a good resolution and that the logo is black on white background and there are no very thin lines (if you send it in different colour than black&white or if you send a logo with very thin lines, we will not be able to reproduce it correctly).

In case you want to engrave something that does not fit into any of these categories, please send us an email at contact[at] and give us all the details and we will tell you whether we can do it, and the cost.

Join our #SaveMarineLife campaign! 

Add a marine animal engraving on your Break Time bracelet, and we will donate the engraving price (10 euros minus 25% VAT) to the Blue World Institute in Croatia, that fights to protect the marine environment in the Adriatic Sea.

Save marine life dolphin sea turtle whale shark engraving nautical jewelry