Recycled, Waves, Seaman, Captain, Adriatica and Trogir Collections - How to find the correct bracelet size

Our shackle bracelets have an rectangle shaped bar that makes the bracelet adjustable by either 0.5 cm (in the case of all the Waves, Captain and Recycled bracelets) or 1 cm (in the case of all Adriatica, Trogir and Seaman bracelets). So basically each of our shackle bracelets have two sizes.

That is why, when you look at our product pages you will see, for instance, size M (16.5-17 cm) - that means the bracelet is made with a smaller shackle (and with 4mm rope) that is adjustable by 0.5 cm. Or you can see size M (18-19 cm) - in which case the bracelet is made with the bigger shackle (and with the 5mm rope) and it is adjustable by 1 cm. 

If you are not sure what type of shackle and what type of rope (4mm or 5mm) is used for the particular bracelet you are interested in, you may email us and we will let you know.

In case you buy the bracelet as a gift, you may use the below estimate sizes, but also  please note that age is not always the determining factor, bone structure, height, weight and other factors also matter (so the best would be to ask someone to get the wrist measurement for the person you want to get the gift for or - if you are still not sure - to choose a bracelet from our one-size fits all collections, Sailor, Yacht Club or Split):

How to Choose The Size For a Woman's Shackle Bracelet

15.5 - 16 cm (S - small wrist for women)

16.5-17 cm (M - medium wrist for women)

17.5-18 cm (L - a larger wrist for women)

How to Choose The Size For a Man's Shackle Bracelet

17-18 cm (S- thinner wrists for men)

18-19 cm (M- medium wrists for men)

19-20 (L - large men wrist size)

We also make on special order bracelets for sizes smaller than 15 cm or larger than 20 cm - and you can contact us on email for such custom orders, but please double check and make sure you have the right measurements (measure the WRIST and not the length of a watch or another bracelet you own, please see the video above!), because we do not accept returns for these custom made sizes!

The YACHT CLUB, SPLIT & SAILOR Collections - one size fits all!

When you will add to cart a Yacht Club, Split or Sailor bracelet, you will not have to worry about choosing the size (and you will also not have the option to choose the size), because they are one size (universal size) - meaning that they are 100% adjustable and they will fit any wrist size.

All you have to do is - for the first time when you wear the bracelet - slide one of both knots up or down, in order to make the bracelet longer or shorter, so it can fit your wrist to perfection.