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According to Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 19, 2022 on the single market for digital services and amending Directive 2000/31/ EC ("Digital Services Act - DSA"), providers of mediation services, including online platforms and internet search engines, must fulfill numerous obligations of transparency and reporting. After the entry into force of the DSA, all interested parties, including public authorities and our customers, will be able to find relevant information on this page.

From February 17, 2024, internet platform or internet search engine service providers are obliged to publish the average monthly number of active recipients of their service in the Union in the last six months. This aims to achieve greater transparency and at the same time greater protection of users and their rights on the Internet.

Break Time doo had a total of 35000 active users in the period from 20.11.2023 to 20.05.2024, meaning a monthly average of 5833 active users (date of last update 21.05.2024).

This data is published exclusively for the purposes of the Digital Services Act and is based on the methodology of that Act. It is calculated on the basis of the web analytics service Google Analytics.

For all questions, contact e-mail: office@break-time.hr with the subject "Digital Services Act".