Since we published the photos with Jamie Foxx, people have come to our shop asking what was in the bag that he was holding.

Jamie Foxx and the best souvenirs from Croatia

Well, since you might have noticed he is wearing mainly black, you should not be surprised to find out that one of the items was our SPLIT by Break Time anchor bracelet with black paracord:

Break Time nautical marine beach anchor bracelet

The second bracelet was a TROGIR by Break Time all black nautical rope bracelet (with the Croatian flag on the inside of the bracelet):

Break Time Croatian flag yachting rope armband nautical bracelet

Also in the bag was a ZADAR by Break Time nautical rope key-ring:

Zadar by Break Time Croatia nautical rope keyring souvenir gift

And a red SPLIT by Break Time medium anchor bracelet (for his little niece):

Split by Break Time anchor bracelet nautical jewelry