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About friends and life as expats in Croatia

About friends and life as expats in Croatia

As some of our fans know, we - the two partners powering the Break Time brand - are Romanians. We moved to Croatia a year and a half ago, because we fell in love with the amazing Adriatic Coast. And with Split, which is, indeed - as all the locals and expats living here will rush to tell you - the most beautiful place on Earth. 

And one of the (many, many) reasons we love living here, is the people. It was an overwhelming sensation when, shortly after we opened the Break Time shop in Split and Slobodna Dalmacija wrote an article about us - many locals came to meet us and welcome us to Split. I remember one ship captain came in and gave us his card and told us to call him if we need anything, because he knew it must not be easy to start a new life in a place where you do not speak the language and do not know too many people. 

In less than two years, we met a lot of people and forged incredible friendships. With locals and expats alike. But I want to tell you about one couple in particular, that is extremely dear to our hearts: Patrick and Terry, two Americans who - in a nutshell - visited Split and loved it so much that they went back home, sold their house in US and moved here. And since this week they celebrated their 25th anniversary, a bunch of us thought a surprise party was required, so that they will always remember this special day :)

The surprise party was a success! And the blue Adriatica bracelets are the gifts they got for each other to mark the special moment :)