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Great news for our French and German speaking customers!

Great news for our French and German speaking customers!

We are constantly looking for ways to make your shopping experience with us a great one. So, with that in mind, we are happy to announce that you can now view most pages and product information on our website not just in English, but also in French and German languages.

Basically, if you use a browser in French or German, the website will automatically be shown in that language. For any other browser languages, the website will continue to be shown in English.

We are using AI translation support, so if something gets "lost in translation" or looks funny/not quite so, bear with us....hopefully it will get improved over time (we welcome any suggestions to improve the quality of our French / German webpages).

Croatian version of the website also coming very soon, our colleague Mija from the Split shop is working on it as we speak!