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Atelier & Flagship Store Trogirska 8 Split Croatia (Fri-Sat 10.30-18.30)

Thank you for this great season!

Thank you for this great season!

After two years of pandemic, we are happy to have had a GREAT summer season for our Split shop, so we want to thank all the amazing people who visited and chose us for their souvenirs from Croatia, as well as all of you amazing people who placed orders in our online shop, our small business would have not survived another year without YOU!

Break Time summer 2022 team Split Croatia

We also want to thank our extraordinary 2022 team: Paula, who returned to work with us for the fourth year, as well as the new and great additions to our team, students Zara and Marija! Hands down, the most unified and professional team we ever had so far! And our season would not have been so great without them. We appreciate you!