Shackle bracelets have become popular as a fashion accessory, as well as for their symbolism. For some, the shackle represents strength and security, while for others it may symbolize freedom and liberation. In any case, shackle bracelets can be a unique and eye-catching addition to a personal style.
We have two types of Break Time shackle bracelets. Most popular ones are made of sailing rope and feature a closing resembling a marine shackle.
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These bracelets have a nautical or industrial look, the shackle is made from stainless steel and the bracelet can only be taken off by unscrewing the pin and opening the shackle. They are made to order, to fit the different wrist sizes.
Also, the shackle size can differ from collection to collection.The smallest ones we are using are 3mm shackles, paired with 3mm rope, for the ROYAL by Break Time collection. These bracelets are suited for small, medium or big wrists, too.
Then we have the 4mm shackles, paired with 4mm rope, suited for medium to large wrists. These are the ones we use for most of the shackle bracelets collections, such as:
The biggest shackles we use are the 5mm ones, paired with 5mm sailing rope, for our SEAMAN by Break Time shackle bracelets with decorative compass. These are best suited for larger wrists, so no wonder this is one of the best selling collection for men. 
shackle bracelet titanium chain nautical charms
The second type of shackle bracelets that we create here at Break Time are the ones from our OCEAN by Break Time collection, launched at the end of 2022. The bracelets are made entirely our of tiny shackles, linked together to form an original designed chain. Different nautical-inspired titanium charms can be attached to the Ocean shackle bracelets. 
February 17, 2023