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Croatia Boat Show 2015 - Our first offline appearance

Croatia Boat Show 2015 - Our first offline appearance

We opened this online shop about two months ago. So we thought it was about time to step out of the online world...and meet our prospective customers face to face.

We have chosen to do so at Croatia Boat Show in Split, Croatia. And although the organization was not as good as we thought it would be, we had fun and we had met so many cool people. And the response to our Break Time nautical bracelets was amazing! A very warm "Hvala!" to all the wonderful people who gave us such positive feedback and told us how much they like our products...it was very much like when someone says your child is beautiful and smart :)

And special thanks to our friend Marija, who was so kind as to stay with us for the whole show and help us out (our Croatian language is still in its early phases :)