Nautical bracelets, anyone? Yes, please!

Nautical bracelets, anyone? Yes, please!

If someone would have told me a year ago that my engineer / real estate developer life partner (Ionut) will suddenly start making bracelets and they would also sell (quite well, as it turns out), oh, how I would have laughed!

But life is full of (nice) surprises and it seems that Ionut's passion for boats and sailing, plus his infinite patience and ingenuity, made for a great combination.  And since selling to friends and friends of friends came with such positive feedback (thank you, guys&girls!), it led (quite naturally) to the beautiful nautical-style bracelets and key-chains that you can now see in (and buy from) our online shop.

So here I am also, writing this blog entry on the platform of our nautical bracelets shop, which I have built myself (so proud!) on the amazing Shopify platform  and - in case you are a SEO / web developer guru or a marketing expert - please don't judge too harshly...I am merely a former radio journalist with some (NGO and political) PR experience.

My point is, actually, that if you do something with passion, it can be so rewarding (in so many ways). If you are reading this and you have always wanted to pursue something that you enjoy doing (but never found the time, the energy, the courage, the impulse), don't waste (even) more time. Nothing comes easy, but the pure joy of "building" something out of nothing is exhilarating...

P.S. Of course, it would make us extremely happy if you would also become a member of our Break Time have you seen anything you liked in our shop? :)